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Just pics that I like~ :heart:


I love it.

My only criticism are the characters that were cut and not too many levels.

Then again, it's on the 3DS so hopefully... the Wii U has a lot more selections.

I'm prayin' for DLCs. ^ ^
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I'm thinkin' of doin' a genderbent, male Ruby Rose cosplay from "RWBY".

What do y'all think?
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Hound comes through the other side of the portal. Arriving in the other world, he cracks his neck and pop his back. "Still not used to that no matter how many times I go through it." he said.

He was now in a lighted room which was full of mirrors that acted as portals to various places in the world. There were guards and various people walking around, talking, jumping into the portals, and coming out. As soon as he starts to walk, some of the people began to whisper and mutter things to each other.

The young lad makes his way out the room and into the hallway, ignoring the conversations around him. Light reflecting through the multiple windows as more people were either using the balconies or walking through the hallways. He soon hears his name being called.

"Hound! Hey Hound!" the voice said among the crowd. By the sound of the voice, it was coming from behind him.

Hound turns around to see who was calling him. It was a boy who had blonde hair in a braid style and sky blue eyes, a bit taller than Hound and likely in his 20's. He gives a small smile when he realizes who the boy was. "Alley James Sonnett." he said as he is pulled into a bear hug by his friend.

How many times do Ah 'ave to tell ya'? Call me 'AJ'. Anyway... how're ya'?" AJ asks with his southern style voice. 

"I've been okay. So far." Hound answered. "Did you need something?"

With this question, AJ hesitated to answer as he scratches the back of his head.

Hound knew what this meant and he wasn't surprised. "You were sent to escort me to her, weren't you?"

AJ slowly nodded, answering the question with the gesture.

"Alright... take me to her." he said as the two began walking towards their destination.

They arrive at their destination as AJ goes to open the door for him. "Good luck." he said.

"Thanks." Hound said as he gives a small nod to AJ. He walks in and the door is slowly closed. Inside were shelves full of books, vases, empty couches and chairs with a table with a flower pot in the middle. Hound, however decides to stand in front but giving himself distance from the desk where his superior is sitting.

The back of the chair was facing towards him while the occupant was facing towards a computerized, digital screen which was showing the event of the confrontation between the hellion and Hound. 

"Gloaming Sentinel, A-Rank: 17th Faction Exploration - Hound Quint. Here to give my report of my actions, ma'am." he said.

The occupant didn't reply for a bit. After a few seconds, "Report? This is all I need of your report." the occupant said before turning the chair to face Hound. 

The occupant was a girl and about 17-years old. She had black hair with a side ponytail and purple eyes, wearing glasses over them. He didn't want to admit but she was actually cute though the cuteness disappeared when he gets lectured by her.

"How many more times are you going to keep doin' this, Hound?!" she yelled.

He didn't respond except give a snide comment. "Well... hello to you too... S-Rank: 17th Faction Exploration Enforcer, Odessa Glazkov." he said as he adjusted his monocle glasses.

Odessa lets out a frustrated sigh. "A smart ass like always... I still question myself why I haven't released you yet..." she complained.

"Probably because I'm one of the best you have in this faction." he remarked.

"Yeah... and an asshole as well." Odessa grumbled. "I know you'll do what what you think is best but you're messing up fixed events that were supposed to happen!"

"And... that's a problem... why?" he asks. "I wouldn't be surprised if you hate my guts right now."

Odessa lets out a frustrated sigh. "Just... forget it..." she conceded.

Now... Hound is usually a jerk towards her but she is his superior and if it weren't for her, he would be serving all eternity behind bars or something worse. He sees a photo of Odessa and another girl who looked like her but a bit shorter and younger. "How's your sister doing?" he asks.

"What?" Odessa asks.

"Your sister. How is she doing?" he asks again.

Odessa scoffs at this. "Why would you care?" she would ask. She sees the look in his eyes that he was being serious. She turns the chair, making the back face towards Hound again. "Nadia is doing okay. She's taking care of our parents." Odessa would say as her tone slowly changed to a soft one. "She still hasn't forgiven herself for what happened to me... ever since that flood disaster." As she says this, a digital screen pops up in front of her showing Nadia and her parents laughing and talking at the table. Odessa gives a soft smile.

Hound couldn't see her face but he knew her feeling is bittersweet.

There was silence for a few minutes. "... She's grown... so much." Odessa added. Soon, the screen closes and disappears. She lets out a sigh and gets up from the chair with her back facing towards Hound as she stares at a photo of her, her sister, and her parents on a shelf. "I'll go give the higher-ups about today's report." she announced.

Hound soon bows to her. "Yes, ma'am." he would say as he turns to face the doors and walks towards him. Before he could turn the knob...

"Hound..." Odessa interjected.

He stops, not facing her.

"... Though you tend to annoy me to no end, create problems, and continue to disobey me and others..." she would say before pausing a bit, still staring at the family photo. "... I can never hate you." finishing her sentence.

A few seconds of silence filled the room before Hound finally broke it. "Watch over your sister, Odessa." After saying this, he turns the knob and leaves.

Odessa couldn't help but give a small smile. "... Still always thinking of others than yourself as always..." she murmured.

Once outside of Odessa's office, AJ was no longer there. "Heh. He must have gotten hungry or something." Hound though as he decides to walk out on the balcony for some fresh air.

Outside, there was a few clouds but it was mostly clear blue as the light lit up the sky. He was pretty high up and from that view, he can see the green grass and trees moving in the wind and a clear blue lake. Then came the town with the populace enjoying themselves.

No matter how many times he seen it, the view was still amazing. "... Still can't believe this is how Purgatory is." he thought as he closes his eyes and enjoys the breeze. "The 'Abyss Realm' is nothing but a wasteland; dark and dreadful. Only the wicked and scum of the world go there and dark magic reigns. 'Purgatory' is mostly filled with young who died too soon and adults who committed suicide but never done anything atrocious in their past life. Technology is limited and magic is various. Finally, 'Arcadia' - the righteous are immediately sent there, advance technology and light magic is supreme." he remembered from one of his lectures here.

After about half an hour has passed, Hound heads back inside and goes downstairs. Reaching the ground floor, he stops and sees the the words, "Sentinel Initiative.", printed on a wall. "A volunteer academy for Purgatorians. 'Where sins can be pardon by purging the Abyss.'" he continued reading. 

Suddenly, his vision goes black. He can feel a pair of hands gently covering his eyes.

"Guess who~?" a voice said. The voice sounded cheery and happy. 

Hound couldn't help but give a small smile. He decided to tease the person a bit. "Is this... 'Zessi Valkyrria'?" he teased.

The hands uncovered his eyes as he hears a "Hmmph!" noise. The person sounded upset at that question.

He turns around to see who it was. A young girl who had short, orange hair and yellow eyes. 

"For your information, I'm not like that big idiot. Thank you very much!" she scoffs, crossing her arms. 

Giving a small chuckle, Hound smiles at her. "I know. I'm just kidding, you know?" he teased. "You get offended easily, Edie." 

"What? No I don't." she replied, pouting.

"Yeah you do... 'Zessi'." Hound said in a sarcastic manner.

Edie opened her mouth with a finger pointed at him, about to say something. Realizing what she was about to do, she gives a small cough. "... Okay... I guess I do get a 'little' carried away..." 

Raising an eyebrow as she said that, Hound had that "really?" look on his face but he let it go. "Anyway, you need something, Ms. Giovanna?" he asks.

Before she could answer, there were two figures heading towards them. One was male who had gray choppy hair and heterochromia eyes with one being blue and the other red. The other figure next to him was female and a bit shorter than him with long, dark henna red hair and teal colored eyes. Edi pouts, turning her head. She was upset about something.

"I see that you made it back safely, Hound." the male figure said. 

The female companion nodded. "Glad that you were unharmed from your watch." she smiled.

Hound smiled and nodded. "Anything happened while I was gone, Zessi?" he asks.

"Not really. Other than me and Octavia here tried to calm down Odessa after one of your rogue moments." Zessi answered.

"I see. No surprise there." Hound said as he leans on one of the bookshelves. 

"Hound... we can't cover you forever, you know?" Octavia pointed out as her face expressed disappointment.

"I know. I know." Hound replied. He looks back at Edie, who was still looking away. "Anything happened between you two, Zes?" he wondered.

Zessi looks at Edie who had her back turn towards him. He rolled his eyes and answered Hound's question. "All that happened was that I accidentally ate her favorite dish." he answered.

Edie didn't say anything. She still had her arms crossed and pouting. 

Octavia lets out a small chuckle. "Y'all almost act like siblings." she teased.

"Me? Him? Siblings? Like that'll ever happen." Edie retorted, still pouting. 

Zessi was getting annoyed by her attitude and tries to get her attention but to no avail.

Hound shook his head. "Octavia, where's Noire and Rime?" he wondered.

"Them? They're both on their watch right now. They should be back soon. Do you need them?" she replied.

"Nah. Just curious is all." he answered. "Anyway, I'm gonna head back to my room and rest up a bit." 

Octavia smiled and nodded. "Okay. Take care of yourself. I'll try and calm these two down." she said as she turns around to face them.

"Heh. Good luck with that." he muttered as he walks off.

Out of the building, into the courtyard, then into his dorm. Every room, it was big enough for four people but with Hound, he was able to get the entire room for himself. Takin' off his shoes, he falls face flat onto the bed. Turnin' his head to look out the window. Givin' a small smile, he muttered, "Peaceful as always."
Darken Times - Limbo
New chapter. Yay.

New Characters (Yay~ c: ) - 

Alley James "AJ" Sonnett
Gender: Male
Age: 19 (Deceased)
Hair: Blond, Ponytail
Eyes: Sky Blue
Realm: Purgatory
Rank: B
Faction: 17th Machinist

Odessa Glazkov
Gender: Female
Age: 21 (Deceased)
Hair: Black, Side-Ponytail
Eyes: Purple
Realm: Arcadia
Rank: S
Faction: 17th Enforcer

Edie Giovanna
Gender: Female
Age: 15 (Deceased)
Hair: Orange, Short
Eyes: Yellow
Realm: Purgatory
Rank: B
Faction: 17th Exploration

Zessi Valkyrria
Gender: Male
Age: 20 (Deceased)
Hair: Gray, Choppy
Eyes:  Heterochromia Eyes Blue and Red
Realm: Arcadia
Rank: S
Faction: 17th Vice

Octavia Callahan
Gender: Female
Age: 17 (Deceased)
Hair: Dark Henna Red, Long
Eyes: Teal
Realm: Purgatory
Rank: A
Faction: 17th Exploration

Noire "Sparky" Lawless - Female
Rime "Rei" Greenleigh - Female
Man... I'm not even gonna lie.

These two games got me cryin', y'all. Lol.

Both stories were beautiful, in my opinion and the music was jus' fantastic.

You grow more attached to these characters as the story goes on.

"Valiant Hearts" is a puzzle game based around the events of World War I and "To The Moon" is an RPG game about fulfillin' a person's last wish before passin' away.

Now... I'm not a big fan of puzzle games and even RPG.

That doesn't mean I flat out hate 'em. 

I like certain puzzles and RPG based games.

I tried to shrug off these two titles but they kept appearin' at the back of my mind.

So... I played 'em and in truth... I love 'em.

I could put in spoilers for ya' but... 

I think ya' should go and play these two.

It'll put ya' on a roller-coaster of emotions and I love games that do that. 

That means that the story was done very well.

Some flaws? 

Yes and I'll admit there were parts that annoyed the hell out of me and usually, I'd quit.

But for these two, they made me forget 'bout the irritatin' parts because I wanted to know what was gonna happen next.

They're both on Steam so if ya' have some extra money lyin' around, buy these two. ^ ^
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"Your name is Hound?" Maelys asks.

The boy who goes by 'Hound', nods at the question.

"Okay... no offense but... that's a strange name." the girl admitted.

He walks over next to her and sits. "I get that a lot." he said. "Now... what curious questions do you want to ask? I'll answer them."

The girl was a bit surprised about this. "... Just like that?" she wondered suspiciously.


"You're asking me to ask you questions that... you're just going to answer?" she added.

"Yes. Well... most questions." he answered.

"No... catch...? No tricks? No 'gonna take my soul if you know'-kind of thing? You'll answer them just like that?" 

Hound rolled his eyes and nodded.

Maelys couldn't help but smile at this and... scream internally. Something exciting was finally happening. She wanted to take advantage of all this. Before she begins her questions, she takes a deep breath. "Okay... first question... that thing that attacked me..."

Before she could finish, Hound quickly answers. "Was a spawn from the Abyss World. Demon, Hellion, or whatever you people label them." he said. "There is going to be plenty of exposition and such." he also added.

Maelys blinked a few times on how quickly he answered without any hesitation. "Um... okay... so you're... dead, right?" she asks.

Hound nods at this. "Technically." he added.

"Technically...?" she raised an eyebrow.

"Yes." Hound said before stretching his arms, popping them and his back. "I can still technically bleed and die but to only come back to life." he said before letting out a sigh. "It really is annoying..."

"So... what can actually 'kill' you?" she wondered since he was basically immortal.

Hound was a bit hesitant but soon answers, "To 'kill' me or others like me are to use the weapons which I wielded earlier."

"Your weapon?" she wondered before realizing the cross-spear that disappeared in Hound's hand. "Oh! You mean like that spear?" she said.

Hound nodded. "Yes. They may look like ordinary weapons but they have special enchantments equipped with them but... the Abyss also have them too. What happens when us or them get killed by the weapons we hold?" he said before pausing. "... We disappear from existence."

"What?" she asked, hoping she heard that right.

"Gone. Your spiritual form dissolves into nothing but energy. You no longer have a form, nor a voice. You can't speak, hear, nor taste. In other words, this is your second chance at living. Eternity too since you don't grow old but if you get killed, that's it." he grimly added.

Maelys couldn't help but take a gulp at this. At least there was an afterlife but if she gets killed by a hellion... would she only see an eternity of darkness? She quickly shakes her head to get rid of the thought. "Okay! Changing the subject! You said 'you can call me 'Sonata''. Where did that nickname come from?" she asks.

Hearing this question, the young man couldn't help but give a small smile. "Well... I love music. I can play any instrument given to me but my most favorite is the piano. Thus, the name 'Sonata' was given to me." he answered.

"Oh. I see." she smiled and giggled. Then, a thought quickly slapped her in the face. "How did you die and end up in Purgatory?" she asks bluntly, remembering the demon's words, 'Purgatory Rascal'.

This question wasn't answered right away. Hound, instead, stayed silent.

Maelys realized what she just asked and covered her mouth with both of her hands. "... I'm... so sorry..." she said shakily in her voice. "... I didn't mean to..." 

Hound shook his head. "It's okay. It's my fault. I did say I'd answer most of your questions." he said as he looks at the time. By the looks of it, it was very close to 11 pm. "I think it's about time we get out of here." he said as he gets up and helps Maelys back onto her feet.

Maelys couldn't help but feel bad at the question she asked. It felt disrespectful. 

Hound sees the damage around them. "I'll need to fix this up." he said. He helps Maelys to her feet. "Stand next to me."

She stands close to him, blushing a bit.

He closes his eyes, raises and sticks an arm out in front of him. He begins to chant something as his eyes begin to glow, still havin' his pupils visible. The shards of glass, the rubble, wall, desks, and other damaged property all begin to come together and fix itself up. No cracks, no dents... very spotless. Hound slowly puts his arm down.

"What... was that...?" she asks very curiously though amazed by what she has witnessed.

"It's an ability that us, Sentinels, have." he answered. "We fix up all the damages that's been done after our fight against the hellion spawns. It really comes in handy." 

"That's... interesting..." Maelys muttered, still amazed by what she saw.

The two begin walking through the dark hallway of the empty school. Along the way, more items and property were fully restored. They were now outside after Maelys gathered her stuff. 

"Good thing tomorrow is the weekend... or else my aunt would flip a table." Maelys said.

"You don't live with your parents?" Hound asks.

Maelys looked at him and shook her head. "Right now... my parents are overseas for their work. They asked me if I wanted to join them and as much as I wanted to go with them, I declined. I'd like to settle down and stay in one place, you know? My aunt is taking care of me for the time being. She owns an apartment complex and gave me a pretty sizable room. Kitchen, bath, living room, 2 bedrooms, patio, and dining room. I usually help her paying for the bills and organizing files and folders so you can sort of say that it's a part-time job." she smiled.

"I see." the young boy said as they begin to walk to the apartment complex.

During the walk, the two were quiet. Maelys wanted to ask more questions but she didn't want to feel like an annoyance to him. However, she was really fascinated with him. A spirit... a real spirit and she's talking to one. She didn't believe in these kinds of things. They were make-believe, folklore, legends, myths, and so on but now almost being attacked by a demon and rescued by a spirit, she wanted to know more. Though... after the rude question she asked, she didn't know if he would answer them.

Breaking the silence, Hound lets out a sigh. "Alright... a few more questions." he lets out.

Hearing that, Maelys was a bit surprised but then gave a small smile. She was happy that it didn't appear that he was upset with her. "Okay. So... what's this 'Gloaming Sentinels' thing? Is it like a military thing in the spirit world?" 

"You can sort of say that. It's mostly a volunteer kind of organization and an alliance between the Arcadia world and Purgatory. The ones from Arcadia are our superiors while those in Purgatory, like me, volunteer to go out in the field and our reward is a higher chance to redeem our misdeeds. We go out at night and rid the world of any hellion attackers and stragglers. However... like I mentioned, it is dangerous and most don't make it. " he said, grimly.

The young girl felt a chill from this. "So... what about you?" she asks, hoping that it wasn't personal.

Reluctantly, he answered. "At first, I was doing this as a way to redeem myself... but... I couldn't stand back and watch 'innocents' die." he said. "When a person's time is up, they die. I understand that with old age and disease but not when it's those that still have a life ahead of them and they perish young."

"What do you mean?" she wondered.

"We are not to interfere with those who are supposed to die whether it be accidents, shootings, or even... hellion attacks." Hound said as he looks at Maelys. "Like what happened to you today."

Maelys stopped in her tracks and widened her eyes. "I... was supposed to die...?" she asks with fear in her voice.

"To be honest, yes." Hound answered. "However, things will now play differently. I no longer sit back and watch things happen, even though both Arcadia and Purgatory go against my actions. My chances of reaching Arcadia has greatly dropped... then again, I'm liking the 'Purgatory Rascal' name."

After hearing this, the young girl couldn't help but feel bittersweet after hearing that come from him. "... He's sacrificing his redemption... to save others..." she thought. "I... can't help but feel bad for him..."

"We were just hunters before my actions. Because of this, now other volunteers are starting to do the same. Not because of orders but because they believe it's the right thing to do. The rules have been changed to help those in need but still not those who are going to die, which... I still continue to do." he said as he looks back to her. "Are you okay?"

Maelys snaps out from her thought, nodded, and smiled. "Yes. Sorry." she replied as they resumed their walk.

After a few minutes, they arrive at the apartment complex. "Well... we're here." she said.

"Yeah. Better go inside and tell your aunt about why you're out this late." Hound said.

"What are you going to do?" she asks, wondering.

Hound looks up at the night sky that was full of stars that lit up the dark sky. "Well... I have to return to Purgatory and give my reports. Not only that... most likely get lectured for my rogue actions again." he replied.

Maelys bit her lip but soon asks, "Will... I see you again...?"

The boy looks at her and gives a small nod. "More than likely."  he answered.

She gives a small smile at his answer. Maelys bows to him before she walks to the office door to meet her aunt. As she puts her hand on the handle of the glass door, she stops, looks back at her savior and said, "Thank you... for saving me today." She soon opens the door and walks inside.

Hound watches her go inside as he looks up at the night sky again. Suddenly, the watch around his wrist begins to blink. He knew who it was and what they wanted. He lets out a sigh, uses a spell to make his right middle and index finger glow, puts it up to his ear and begins to talk. "Yeah? What do you want?" he asks in annoyed fashion.

On the other end, there came a feminine voice. "Don't you give me that attitude, mister! Why am I not surprised that you'd do something like that?!" she said.

Hound replied with a snark comment, "I'm still surprise that you continue to think I wouldn't do something like this." He soon walks towards a wall and begins to lean on it. "So do you need something or what?"

The female voice sounded infuriated. "We are having another talk on this, Hound!" she yelled. "Get back here asap so I can file the report." the girl added before their interaction concluded.

Hound's fingers stopped glowing as he goes to scratch his head in annoyance. "Damn it... saw this coming anyway." he said as he goes to stand straight. Hound walks to a window and chants a spell. Then, a bright glow soon emitted from it and he jumps into it. The glow disappears and the window was back to its regular color and form.
Darken Times - Answers
A new chapter to this story.

Get to know a 'lil more 'bout Hound and the spirit world.
I love it.

My only criticism are the characters that were cut and not too many levels.

Then again, it's on the 3DS so hopefully... the Wii U has a lot more selections.

I'm prayin' for DLCs. ^ ^
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